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Philodendron Green Congos are very sensitive to overwatering due to them being epiphytes with aerial roots. The best way to water these plants is to give them a good amount of water, then allow the soil to dry out before watering again.

Once your plant’s soil is dry about two-to-three inches down, then you will want to water it again. This typically means about 7-10 days between every drink.


Because the Philodendrons are so sensitive to overwatering, a quick-draining soil is required for optimal, healthy growth. You may also want to consider adding in your own natural materials such as mulch or woodchips to help aid in extra drainage.


As we mentioned, the Philodendron Green Congo is original from an area where humidity and temperatures are pretty high. These plants do well with heat, but not so much with the cold.

Keeping your home at a temperature between 70°F-85°F is ideal for these plants, preferably nothing lower. During the hot summer months, keep your Philodendron away from any air conditioners. During the winter, protect them from any cold drafts.


Your Philodendron will love you if you add a humidifier to its room or give it a few sprays of mist every now and again. It will show you how grateful it is by growing bigger, greener, and stronger.


Giving a growing Philodendron Green Congo food once a month while it is in its growing stages is a good idea. Any quality, evenly balanced house plant fertilizer will do just fine at half dilution.

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