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Water Needs & Feeding

Water thoroughly from below or at the base of the plant when the soil becomes dry.

Don’t allow water to stand on the leaves. Be careful not to overwater as this can lead to root rot. Always plant in a grow pot with a drainage hole.

When fertilizing, use an all-purpose liquid houseplant food once in the spring and once in mid-summer. But feeding is not required.

Hahnii plants do well without fertilizer. Because they spread quickly, you will probably find yourself providing fresh soil annually.

Fresh soil should provide plenty of nutrients.

Soil & Transplanting

Hahnii Sansevieria tolerates all kinds of soil conditions. It is not finicky about pH requirements and does well in soil ranging from slightly acidic to slightly alkaline.

The plant likes a medium quality, well-draining soil amended with gravel, coarse sand, perlite, or other light, airy material providing good drainage.

A standard cactus or succulent mix combined 50/50 with regular potting soil is an excellent choice for potted plants.

Many gardeners allow Sansevieria to become pot bound and do not transplant more often than once every two to five years.

Not repotting doesn’t hurt the plant. For a better-looking plant and not bother with fertilizing, or transplanting we recommend adding fresh soil every spring.

Grooming & Maintenance

Over time the tough leaves become dusty and dingy looking. Wipe the leaves with a damp paper towel.

Do not mist your snake plant because it leaves water spots on the leaves.

If leaves weaken or naturally die, trim them back. If your plant throws a flower spike, trim it off after it finishes its meek bloom time.

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