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Being a succulent, the Sansevieria Moonshine is drought-tolerant. This means that it hates soggy soil. Drainage is a huge factor when choosing soil for your Silver Moonshine. 

A soil mix that is free-draining, such as a succulent or cactus potting mix, is ideal. Soil free potting mixes also work well as the organic matter used holds onto less moisture.


Like most Sansevieria, the easy-going Silver Moonshine is not fussy when it comes to lighting conditions. It is able to adapt to anything from full sun to full shade (with light). Not all lighting conditions are ideal though. 

It can survive in various lighting conditions, but it will not necessarily be looking its best. In bright, direct light your plant may begin to show signs of sun scorching.

Sansevieria Moonshine grown in lower light conditions may have its leaves turn a darker green color. 

Preferably, Silver Moonshines should be kept in bright, indirect light. This lighting situation is ideal as it allows the plant access to get the nutrients it needs. This in turn creates a flourishing Sansevieria Moonshine. 


The Sansevieria Moonshine is a drought-tolerant plant. Drought tolerance means that your plant does not require large, frequent watering. The Silver Moonshine requires a very minimal amount of water to stay strong and healthy and to thrive. 

As a succulent, the Sansevieria Moonshine stores water in its leaves. Overwatering your Silver Moonshine is a serious offense in its books. Overwatering can lead to root rot and the eventual demise of your beautiful Silver Moonshine plant. 


Warmer temperatures are what this plant likes best! The Silver Moonshine can handle fluctuating temperatures but nothing below 5°C (41°F). 

Temperatures lower than this will start to cause damage to your plant. The damage may include scarring of the Silver Moonshine’s leaves. Ideally, the Sansevieria Moonshine should be kept in temperatures between 13°C and 29°C (55°F and 85°F). 


The Sansevieria Moonshine does not require any additional humidity. The soil needs to be given time to dry out in between watering, thus extra humidity is not necessary. Regular room humidity is sufficient. 

Silver Moonshine plants will do well in whatever humidity levels are in the room it’s kept in. This is a hardy and adaptable plant and will quickly adjust to its surroundings. 

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